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Laravel 5.1 is released

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Laravel has just announced the immediate availability of v5.1. This marks the first release in Laravel’s history to offer long-time support.

Long Term Support

Since originally launching in 2011, Laravel has always followed the “release early, release often” mantra which is popular in open source applications. With the historic rise in popularity of the framework, it was time to start focusing on the needs of large organizations and mission-critical applications that need security fixes but can’t upgrade quickly. Laravel 5.1 will now include 3 years of security fixes.

The long-term support is arguably the biggest feature in 5.1, but it includes several other new features.



Laravel 5 is Released!

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This version features more than 22 new features. Including:

laravel– Laravel 5 Directory Structure
– Blade Changes
– Contracts
– Commands & Events
– Facades and Helpers
– Routes
– Controller Method Injection
– Authentication Scaffolding

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