Web Development

Most advanced web development solutions at your disposal.

Web Development

If you want to stand out from the crowd of your competitors, simply having a functioning website will no longer do it. Websites that are difficult to navigate or aren’t visually appealing/user-friendly can damage your brand image or be the main reason of your business stagnation. Want to change that? Let us take care of your online presence!

We development is a pretty complex process that results in fully functioning website. It includes research, strategy, design, copywriting, coding, web server and network security configuration, eCommerce development, prototyping, validation, testing and launch of your newly created website. Of course, constant 24/7 support is guaranteed!

Website Development Process

Our website development process contains 5 main phases:

1. Initial contact and planning. It’s the part of the process where we get to know each other – you share your vision and requirements with us, we assess and identify your needs, carry out a market research, define the purpose of the website-to-be and develop a strategic plan. We spend quality time assessing your needs

2. Content, wireframe and outlines. We’ll discuss all the possible options with you and will ask you to do the wireframe, content outline, site outline and site map review – this will give you a brief idea about how your website is going to look like. Once everything is confirmed and the content material is gathered, we’ll let our copywriters take over.

3. Design. This part of the web development process includes creating, reviewing and confirming a landing (home) page and inner pages design. We don’t use cheap default themes, we make everything from scratch! This lets us fully realize your vision and implement even the slightest details you and your business might need, crafting responsive websites to provide an optimal viewing experience. We use visual hierarchy to create layouts that help your customers find the information they need, not confuse them. Design is marketing, therefore all the illustrations, images and colour schemes we choose are designed to boost the conversion rate. It’s been scientifically proven that the simpler and less visually complex the website, the better. Having that in mind, we strive to create clean and appealing visual experiences that properly represent you and your brand.

4. Development. In this phase we build and integrate the actual, fully-functioning website. It includes coding, validanting (ensuring that the website is built in accordance with Web standards), content management system (CMS) implementation, content population as well as enterprise and eCommerce software integration (if needed). You can observe the whole development process and suggest additional changes or corrections at any given time.

5. Testing and delivery. When the prototype of the website is confirmed, testing and delivery phase kicks off. This final part of the web development process includes cross platform and browser testing as well as complete functionality and user experience testing. Once we’re sure that the website is ready to see the light of day, we get your final approval and launch the project!

In addition, we don’t think that maintenance is a particular phase of the development process. It’s an obivous part of our co-operation, therefore we provide an inclusive after-care and 24/7 technical support long after the website is launched.

Development and Delivery

We use Scrum, a form of Agile methodology, to ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery of your software. We work in two-week sprints, allowing you access to a staging environment where you will perform acceptance of your continuously evolving application. Additionally, all source code  is stored on Git and accessible to your internal technology team throughout the project. Once the project is complete, ownership is fully transferred to your team.

What Do You Need Us For?

We can guarantee the highest quality of all the web development services we provide, including everything from authentic designs and original copywriting to professional programming and secure eCommerce solutions. We won’t suddenly lose interest in helping you out and will meet all your requirements with the same excitement as we’ve started the project with. Besides that, we’re genuinely interested in providing you with our continuous technical support. All in all, if you want your online presence to be created with passion and open-mind, we’re the ones for the job!

Performance and Technology

We create custom software for any platform, including PHP, iOS, Android. From cloud-deployed application architecture, SaaS solutions, integration to mobile apps, our software consulting services span from User Experience, to service layer abstraction, database design, administrative interfaces, and customer management. Our engineers are experts at leveraging Big Data to make the most of your business intelligence.

We are evangelists in cloud infrastructure and have been actively involved in testing, applying, and improving platforms from Amazon, and Google. Ask us about benefits of low cost, high scalability, and globally distributed cloud systems today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost and where can I find your work samples?

The cost of a fully functioning website can depend on various factors, including the complexity of the project, your design needs, your overall requirements and many more. A quick call or a single e-mail will answer this question.

You can find and review our work samples at the Portfolio page.

Will I have a say in the whole development process?

We can easily guarantee that we won’t make any important decisions without asking you about them first. Actually, you will have to constantly review the changes we make and approve them before we can move on to the next development phase.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We mainly focus on small and medium enterprises working in different industries and seeking to increase their businesses’ efficiency using our IT solutions.