About tammi

We're TAMMI and it's really nice to meet you!

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

  • TAMMI Ltd. has been founded in early 2013 by Mantas Zivacevskis.
  • We operate in two largest Lithuanian cities of Vilnius and Kaunas
  • We’re a team of 6 people.

We like to think of ourself as innovative, technology-driven, young, yet experienced, passionate and committed professionals who strive to push your company’s potential to the maximum. 

We focus on solving complex IT problems, developing individual enterprise applications, building customised eCommerce websites and providing sophisticated up-to-date mobile solutions. Most importantly, we use our expertise and experience to help our partners aim higher.

Core Values and Main Goals

Here at TAMMI we value quality over quantity. We enjoy working together which makes us a great team. All of our work are based on rational, mindful decisions and passion for excellence is what truly defines us. We’re dependable, reliable, open-minded and creative! We offer transparency in all we do and see the difference of opinion as a chance to grow.

Head office in Kaunas

Office in Vilnius