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Developers manual for advanced WordPress development

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Pick a virtual server option Windows users can choose from or Mac users could pick Universal solution would be go with a combination of and Using Vagrant has a learning curve in the beginning when you have to configure everything and make sure you understand what is going on. So with a little bit of […]

Responsive images solution

Solution to responsive images problem

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There is fair amount of challenges that arise when dealing with responsive images. All of the websites we build have to be responsive. And our lives as developers are not getting any easier as the number of different devices and potential screen resolutions increase. The high-resolution arms race seems to be never-ending as vendors try […]

Junior Web Developer

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We are currently seeking a Junior Web Developer to help us with our expanding client base and company growth. So if you’re a passionate, detailed, talented junior, who’s full of energy and enthusiasm, with a desire to develop in a positive and creative environment, then you could be exactly what are we looking for! Minimum […]

Agile Vs. Waterfall: Pros And Cons

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Agile software development is a group of software development methods in which solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. The waterfall model is a sequential design process, used in software development processes, in which progress is seen […]

Laravel 5.1 is released

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Laravel has just announced the immediate availability of v5.1. This marks the first release in Laravel’s history to offer long-time support. Long Term Support Since originally launching in 2011, Laravel has always followed the “release early, release often” mantra which is popular in open source applications. With the historic rise in popularity of the framework, […]

How we do code review and why it’s important

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What is code review? Code review is systematic examination (often known as peer review) of computer source code. It is intended to find and fix mistakes overlooked in the initial development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and the developers’ skills. Why is it important? We all are human beings. You may do […]

Google AI Now Self Learning

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Google scientists and engineers have created the first ever computer program that is capable of learning a wide variety of tasks completely independently, in what is a giant leap towards true general artificial intelligence. The AI, or as Google refers to it the“agent”, has learnt to play almost 50 different retro computer games, and came up with its own strategies […]

Usability checklist

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Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word “usability” also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process. Usability is defined by 5 quality components: Learnability: How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design? Efficiency: Once […]

Prestashop launched

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PrestaShop includes an out-of-the-box theme so you can welcome customers the moment you set up. Easily customize the PrestaShop theme by changing fonts and colors with the Live Configurator. And the update is here that contains a lot of improvements: Exclusively improved rounding & tax management Feature to manage the back-office orders effectively in catalog […]

Unit Tests are not enough

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As one guy put’s it: “you should start with having functional tests first and only then drilling down to writing unit tests. And perhaps if you manage to cover over 80% of your codebase with functional tests you may find it fitting to skip unit tests altogether in some cases.” Read more. Anyway the point […]

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